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MailScrub provides the highest level of support for its customers. To maximize the value of your MailScrub experience, we provide support levels to accommodate your needs. Our service includes email support for the Barracuda Firewall products. Please review your support agreement for details on the level of service that applies to you.

If you are an end user and are having trouble with your email and are not the MailScrub contact, please contact your IT Department. If you are uncertain as to whom to contact, please email us at and we can assist in helping you identify your correct contact.

Self Support
Many of your answers are available in the Barracuda product user guides or FAQ which can be found at

Email/Standard Support
Email support is used as standard, non-emergency support. Submitting a trouble ticket is available by emailing Response time for email support will generally be within 1 business day. Please review your support agreement prior to using this method. Support provided, but not covered under this agreement will be billed as a pre-paid support incident. Additionally, support requests for items not associated with (such as computer configuration or network issues) a MailScrub service will also be billed as a pre-paid support incident.

Out of Hours Support
Out of hours support is available outside the hours of 8am-6pm CDT/CST by submitting a trouble ticket through and by indicating that this is an emergency and requires an out of hours support service. Any out of hours support incident which occurs on Holidays, weekends or evenings are subject to pre-paid incident rates. 

Pre-Paid Support Incident
Customized pay per incident support calls outside of the support agreement are billed at $125/hour. A credit card will need to be authorized prior to engaging in the support request. Please call 847-490-8440 to initiate a per incident call.