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Stop spam before it ever gets to your companies network is a service that provides complete protection of your email server.  Housed in a state-of-the-art data center, our award-winning Barracuda Spam Firewalls scrub your email clean. will filter all of your company’s email, removing spam, viruses, and other threats while only forwarding the good, clean email messages to your email servers.

Today, email is a mission critical service in most organizations, providing vital communication and access to information, and allowing for closer cooperation with customers and suppliers.   But securing email systems against external threats like viruses and spam has become a costly burden to many companies.

Spam impacts overall employee productivity and increases an organization’s IT support costs.  It is estimated that each employee typically spends 40 minutes per week dealing with spam, amounting to a whopping average cost of $874 per employee per year in lost productivity1.  Companies failing to protect their employees from spam email containing sexual content or discriminatory humor could face costly legal consequences.  And legislative fixes, such as 2004’s CAN-SPAM and its opt-out provisions, have been largely ineffective.  Over 80% of today’s email volume is spam.

Product Overview

Current industry reports on email show that 1
in 28 emails contains a Virus, while as much
as 75% of all email is Spam. Would your organization benefit from filtered, Virus and Spam-free email? To Date, we've filtered over 100,000,000 messages for our users!

Benefits to You

By offloading your email security processing to, you gain:
Improved employee productivity
Improved internet bandwidth utilization

Improved performance and efficiency of your servers by:

  • Reducing processing, memory and storage loads
  • Reducing the amount of data in the nightly backups
Reduced IT staff support costs
Reduced software licensing, implementation, and support costs
No hardware or software to purchase, install, or support
Reduced company liability due to offensive email


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